Ankor Property Group is a real estate investment and development

company that specialises in accommodations that meet the

demands of the changing ways we live, work and play.


We are uniquely positioned to operate in these markets

due to our:

  • Extensive experience of financial and legal structuring
  • Comprehensive investment due diligence and analysis
  • Portfolio and construction management capabilities
  • Strong networks and relationships across the industry
  • Passion for creating value through innovation and development

Ankor’s Vision: 

To create a UK property market that serves the multitude of needs of the UK population. 

Student Accommodation: 

  • Focusing on the principal red-brick university towns and the Russell Group of Universities to provide affordable accommodation solutions for students 
  • Creating a collaboration between local councils, student authorities and universities to meet the accommodation demands.

Ankor Property Group is one of the fastest emerging property development company in the UK. Ankor have rapidly built a reputation for being innovative and more outward thinking in their approach, through internal and shared knowledge with secure third party partners and pioneering modular construction methodology. 


Ankor have successfully turned around land and real estate deals many would deem as extremely complex. Primarily operating in commercial and residential real estate sectors, Ankor has amassed assets in excess of £75 million. All amalgamating into an incredible price to quality ratio end product / accommodation for modern metro city living.


Strategic Mission: 

  1. The Acquisition of Land and the Development of Residential and Commercial facilities across the UK. 
  2. Revitalizing their growth by maximizing revenue potential. 
  3. Minimizing costs. operating 
  4. Building effective Exit- strategy

Investment Sectors

  • Student Accommodation
  • Residential
  • Heritage
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality


The Cube Ealing is an 86 bed site located within a 13-minute walk from The University of West London. Cube Ealing has a 3-year lease signed with the University of West London.

The Cube Ealing
11 Popes Lane, Ealing, London W5 4NG

The Cube Greenwich is a 33 bed site located within a 12-minute walk from the University of Greenwich. Ankor Property Group has existing plans to extend the Greenwich scheme by an additional 13 beds, bringing the total to 46.

The Cube Greenwich
10 Denham Street, Greenwich, London SE10 0XU